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Our Mission

'Hartona' is a word we came up with and is derived from the sound of the words ‘h(e)art’ plus ‘(N)ona’, the first being the most important tool we have at our disposal, and the second - the name of our founder’s sister Nona who is living with cerebral palsy. The idea of our tiny formation is on one hand to provide top-notch remote services to our clients, and on the other hand - to find, train and provide remote employment to members of families with humans with disabilities who otherwise would not be able to attend brick-and-mortar offices and continue their careers.​

why do we do this

We do it because we can and it feels right. We act like mature individuals put in a more complicated context than usual and we try to find a better way to solve our own puzzle. We have figured out that while we are solving ours, we can also solve other people’s puzzles with ease. It is like a win-win transaction every time we do it and this kind of interaction gives us an enormous reward and the sense that it all makes sense.


Hartona is also rebellious and hopeful. It is our gentle protest against our local circumstances regarding the life of people with severe disabilities and their families. The lack of proper services - both tailored & accessible health and educational care, put whole families into isolation and misery trying to take care of the disabled relative on their own usually locked in their homes 24/7. And hope that through our company although we might not be able to solve these problems we could help at least a few people from those families stay connected and in the workforce by working remotely. For the others struggling out there, those who will not be able to work remotely with and through our company for various reasons we hope we'd be able to reach out directly and support them whenever possible through our MATTER project, direct donations, and fundraising through our e-store. Because we believe that it is not time to 'go gently into the night'. It is time for more awareness, actions, and visibility of all voices. As we are one.


Magic is doable. Truth is real. Almost everything is possible. Perspective and attitude are key. Respect is a must. Intend is the thing. Love is all.

Our team

Profile picture Eva Stoyanova

Eva Stoyanova


Ex-mass media specialist who has successfully left the public communications 13 years ago to join a colorful spectrum of businesses working as an administrative hand. Experienced with tech startups and non-for-profits. Has a tremendous passion for to-do lists and has the special talent to always find a way if it is for a good cause. 

Favorite projects:

Walks in the mountains and general contemplation, all projects that require the use of color and sorting of data. 

Profile picture of Genoveva Boyanova

Genoveva Boyanova


Ex-chemist, a single mother of three, who has left her career back in time to take care of our inspirer - Nona. Several years ago, she finds out she is good at data entry while working remotely for an e-commerce project. Special powers: to make things happen in all sorts of environments; precision; deadlines; finance. 


If cats were a project, they would have been her favorite one. 

Profile picture of Yoana Stoyanova

Yoana Stoyanova


Prefers to be referred to as Nona. Has an unbreakable positive attitude toward life and people, sings and draws in a unique style, and has her own words and way of communication. Loves everything gourmet. She inspires us to do what do at Hartona on a daily basis. 


Coloring books, stickers, and old radio equipment.

Profile picture of Petya Nikolova

Petya Nikolova

\content creator\

A salesperson, a marketer, and a genuine content creator who will highlight your top selling points at a first glance.

Favorite projects:

Loves the cuteness in life and in rabbits.

Profile picture of Hristiyan Andreev

Hristiyan andreev


Takes care of all things hardware and software and is always there for a proper time management plan or a swift event organisation.


Loves ski touring.

Profile picture of Hristina Radkova

Hristina Radkova

\community manager\

Her family calls her Tina, her friends - Hrisi, and sometimes - 'the kiddo' for her appearance and height. Her career path speaks best for her ability to grow and learn fast - for a few years as an employee at a fast-food restaurant she became an investor in a real estate company. Her mind loves to circle around the expression 'Don't tell me that the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon!'


She loves the shared moments with her loved ones, books, and music.

We are hiring

We are a small and hard-working team working remotely and looking to hire people from the community and families with permanent disabilities who love innovation, challenges, and working on/via computer. We work flexibly, according to our free time and opportunities. If you do not have a computer/ laptop, mention it in your application and we will take care.


  • motivation and desire to learn;

  • free hours for remote work.


To apply, send us an email at

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